Alternate Password DB 3.9 Crack+ Keygen Free Download

Alternative Password DB is free software that can store passwords in encrypted files. It uses a robust 256-bit Blowfish algorithm for encryption to ensure that no one can quickly identify it. In addition to passwords, it is also possible to store login names, graphic files, tables, or any type of text. These items are stored in a folder hierarchy and make grouping or sorting passwords easy. This way, even if you leave your PC for a long time, you can be sure that no one has access to it. Annotations in the form of text, images, or tables will help to keep track of many different login details. Once encrypted, data can be stored on a portable USB port or on any other compact device without the need to install this program continuously, providing secure storage of confidential information. Use buffer fish encryption.

Alternate Password DB 3.060 Crack+ Keygen Free Download

Alternate Password DB 3.060 Crack+ Keygen Free Download


Alternative Password DB 3.060 Crack is a personal tool that you can carry and carry with you. For example, you can store it on a portable device such as a USB memory stick and access information from anywhere. Save the data as needed, such as when booting from a USB memory stick, and set the primary password as an EXE file if required. Recently, free software has included a password maker. This creates random passwords of different lengths and helps prevent abuse of the same identifier. Alternate DB360 Serial Key Password is a powerful and easy-to-use software designed to provide a secure way to store sensitive information (files, comments, access credentials, etc.).

Once the download operation is complete, you can unzip the data and launch the application immediately without having to install it first. You can convert the password to an executable EXE file and save it to a USB memory stick. You can also configure the program to automatically shut down after a certain period, to keep your data safe after you leave your computer. It provides users with a platform to store all content through a secure, reliable, and portable mechanism for entering passwords and PINs.

You can group passwords stored in a folder (with the function of creating subfolders). The operation of this application is smooth. When entering your password, you can choose to use the pseudo-random number generator. This takes into account our preferences. For example, we may require the use of special characters or letters of different sizes (all of which contribute to increasing the validity of the password and the difficulties that malware can decipher).

Features of Alternate Password DB 3.060 :

  • There is also a feature that checks the security of existing passwords.
  • Ability to create executable files (* .EXE) to transfer passwords and data.
  • The other DB 3.060 password is used to create a table. When you run “Add Table,” a table with five rows x 5 columns are displayed by default, and the data can be entered in the cells.
  • You can change the width of rows, columns, and cells. You can sort by items, export the table as a CSV file, and import them from a CSV file.
  • If you add a note, you can enter text on the edit screen and save it. You can also manage specified files.
  • It also provides functions for printing stored data.
  • In the environment settings, you can specify the font and background color to be used, specify
  • The file that opens at the beginning shows/hides the password and configures the system boot settings.

Alternate Password DB 3.060 Crack+ Keygen Free Download


  • 256-bit pufferfish encryption.
  • Store tickets for portable use.
  • You can write notes and folders.


  • Without major disadvantages.

Operating system:

Windows 95/98 / ME / NT / Win 2000 /Win XP / Win 2003 / Vista /Win 7/Win 8/Win 10 all Versions

How to install:

  1. Firstly’Go to the download link.
  2. After that, click, the green Download Now buttons to download the settings.
  3. Then’Accurate startup settings and files in the ‘C’ x86 file.
  4. Ordinary premium key.
  5. NOw Complete all enjoy.

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