PUBG Mobile 1.8.0 Apk Android + Windows + PC Full Version Free Download

PUBG Mobile 1.8.0 Apk Android + Windows + PC Full Version Free Download

PUBG Mobile 1.8.0 Apk has become the most popular survival shooting game. The game produced a terrible wave. I play a lot of PUBG mobile games like Rules of Survival or even Knives Out. Although this game was extraordinary, both in terms of graphics and gameplay, since this game was not an official version, I still felt that something was missing. So I played immediately and was very happy if we had received a notification that the author of Tencent had released the formal variant of the mobile game on Mobile. Before this, many people feared that the PC model elevated the portable configuration. PUBG requires settings on a PC. This is a problem that Tencent doesn’t have yet. The problem has been solved thoroughly in the mobile version. I also play. I feel the game runs smoothly. Perhaps the game’s graphics are quite optimal. They claimed that this was the success of the Tencent writer.

Mobile dropped on the Play Store, also now it’d appear that the update will be here soon. Mobile’s Play Store listing was recently updated with a new changelog that stipulates a handful of additions coming with the current upgrade. The highlight is, naturally, the new Infection mode and map, which brings together zombies. Still, you can also expect you’ll get a brand new pirate motif on the menu, in addition to some developments in the personality and mission systems. The Mobile update landed earlier this morning, and so it would appear that the state patch notes have still been published on the official Mobile website. Luckily the Play Store listing spells out a couple of changes and additions. Changing the name to Game For Peace isn’t just a personal rebranding approach, but there’s a pretty strong rationale as well Tencent can monetize its match in China now. The company has been awaiting for at least annually to the game.


Wonderful images:

  • This game completely reproduces the PC adventure on mobile devices.
  • And it allows you to enjoy next-generation graphics using a fluid framerate.

A vast arsenal of weapons:

  • Investigate the map to find several different types of guns.
  • Additionally, you will find a variety of vehicles run them over.
  • Run away from enemies or you can use to visit fast.

Realistic bullet physics:

  • PUBG Mobile brings a superb combat experience with authentic ballistics and trajectories.

Notably resource-intensive:

  • Keep in mind that despite the search engine optimizations.
  • This particular game is still marginally resource intensive.
  • And there might be a few issues playing it on older or low-spec devices.


  • Ill new modes and maps. Play as a zombie!
  • New personality system-technique and appearance!
  • The central motif of pirate menus and treasure hunts around the world!
  • Royal Walk Season items are back!
  • The daily mission system has been improved.


  • The Android installation package has been paid off.
  • Inventory UI adjusted.
  • She fixed climbing bugs.
  • Fixed a bug stuck inside buildings.

Competing for survival

  • PUBG Mobile still has PUBG’s familiar gameplay.
  • You will parachute online on a wild island.
  • You can die at any time once you hit bottom.
  • In this game, only one person is allowed to survive.
  • At any cost, you have to kill all the players, keep your life.


  • PUBG Mobile still has three familiar Solo, Duo, and also Squad manners.
  • Your mission is to live, destroy the other players to acquire.
  • Within this game, survival abilities, moving skills, and tactics will help you survive.
  • The map of the game will narrow down as time passes.
  • This is understandable since there are lots of players who decide to sit still.
  • This made the game very long, and less attractive a lot.
  • Furthermore, the game has a ranking mode. The rank system is professional.
  • But, I judge this manner does not need much competition.


  • Though details are paid off, PUBG Mobile’s pictures are still able to top rank.
  • Among other competitions in precisely the same category.
  • The match continues to be quite real. After playing, I put graphics medium-quality.
  • Fertile terrain, from mountain forests, houses to the coast.
  • 3D images are all amazing. You may rest assured about the photos of the match.


  • Again, Mobile Apk won Fortnite in its travel to capture the new industry.
  • PUBG Mobile is definitely, although I’ve played many mobile versions.
  • This Mobile App is going to be as successful as the PC version failed undoubtedly.
  • You should connect high-speed Wifi to have the match perfect.

What’s New?

  • The new style of Snow Paradise.
  • When playing Erangel in classic mode, players have the opportunity to enter Snow Paradise,
  • In the place where they can drive cable cars and even try the freestyle sky!
  • With teams of two, players can enjoy a high-speed battle while driving!
  • Players can now switch from TPP to FPP in classic mode.
  • Arcade mode and training camps.

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