SHAREit 5.6.1_ww Apk Android + Windows + Full Version Free Download

SHAREit 5.6.1_wwThe Apk is a file transfer and synchronization developed only by Lenovo, which empowers the sharing of data and multimedia from a PC and portable devices such as mobiles and tablets. The application form can be easily used for sharing all types of files over a WiFi network, including videos, photos, and Android programs. Its graphical interface is beautiful to the eye and offers a quick way to send and retrieve files. Icons are included in the interface together with the titles of connected devices. A cool feature worth noting is that it can replicate a device filesystem by sending device layout and data to devices. What the app does not tell you is you will need to adjust your wi-fi settings as much as possible to use it. Visit the preferences menu. Also, there are options you can choose, such as Prefer hotspots.

SHAREit 5.6.1_ww Apk Android + Windows + Full Version Free Download

SHAREit 5.6.1_ww Apk Android + Windows + Full Version Free Download

This way, you can send and receive your files. However, the application specifies how your device can create these hotspots to ensure that you can talk about data. The system may be a problem, and there are some cases where the program freezes. In this case, you may have to restart both devices if you want to transfer. The main reason for using this software is that it works very quickly because it can work. It is possible to move pictures rapidly, and the program deactivates the connection and returns to the link after the recording transfer is complete.

As a result, you may have to reevaluate the steps to create the next hotspot. With this program, you can quickly transfer and share files. So you can transfer data between any device like Android.

Top Features:

  • Share everything with different devices: images, videos, audio files, documents, contacts.
  • The devices, together with it, can be automatically found if within range.
  • Transfer files and movies in seconds faster than Bluetooth
  • Share without the need for Bluetooth, telephone network, or active WiFi network.
  • The devices connect wirelessly directly.
  • The app itself could be shared with other devices, along with fast sharing, it could start immediately.
  • This download is licensed as freeware for your Windows operating system.
  • Compatibility with this file transport software may vary.
  • For novice users, it offers tutorials on the best way to find activities.
  • Whether it be cloning a device or sharing certain kinds of files with them.


  • SHAREit downloads can take the form of file management programs.
  • It allows you to transfer files to other devices quickly.
  • This download section allows you to transfer files even at the same time.
  • And transfer files from more than one device at the same time.
  • This application allows you to transfer all programs and files on your device.

User Interface:

  • This app is available for free on the Google Play Store.
  • It uses Wi-Fi and hotspot to join the two devices to share files faster.
  • This program downloads from the site.
  • The original file will be sent quickly without any lack of data quality.
  • Downloaded users must create a profile.
  • When sharing files, it is possible to identify your profile by this username quickly.
  • This program download may be available for Android and devices.

To Work with SHAREit 5.6.1_ww Apk On Your Android

Alternatives to SHAREit 5.6.1_ww Apk

  • It is one of the essential apps to share with your files.
  • And it has a massive amount of features.
  • The port of this application has many features, such as a network drive.
  • It allows you to view and play media content in your app quickly.
  • The transfer speed and reliability of Shareit are quite remarkable.
  • However, in some cases, several alternatives can be used instead.
  • Here are some alternatives to Shareit.

SHAREit 5.6.1_ww Apk Android + Windows + Full Version Free Download


  • Xender is the most successful filesharing application.
  • IOS users will chiefly employ that.
  • In it, you can find it hard to join with another platform such as iOS devices.
  • In this scenario, you may use the Xender for transferring your files.


  • Zapya is just one of the most excellent alternatives you need to use for transmission.
  • The app interface allows you to share files with a better rate.
  • And also, the bond is significantly more potent for document sharing.
  • Once you are facing trouble, the Zapya can be used by you.


  • SuperBeam is just one of the oldest applications.
  • Which is used for sharing that your files?
  • The interface of this application form is a little bit ancient.
  • But you’ll be able to reach speed within the transmission.
  • You can use this as an option for this Program.


  • ShareFile can be used for sharing the files fast.
  • However, it can be limited in the features when compared to other filesharing programs.
  • However, you may utilize this as an alternative to it whenever you’re facing trouble in sharing with the files.

SHAREit 5.6.1_ww Apk Review

  • It is the most commonly used and best-known file-sharing program.
  • Millions of people around the world use it.
  • Because of the constant connectivity and faster transfer rates
  • It is considered the best when moving files.
  • The port of this program is the same until the Apk is initiated.
  • This allows you to use the program much more comfortably than ever before.

The way to Download and Install SHAREit 5.6.1_ww Apk:

  • First, download the file of SHAREit from the web link above.
  • Double Click on the setup document
  • Give consent to all the asked ones by clicking Accept.
  • Next, click onInstall.
  • The setup process begins instantly.
  • Once the procedure finishes, after that, you can utilize SHAREit onto a Mac for sharing documents over all platforms and devices.

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